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Your 1st Visit

At your first visit it is our goal that you feel like a valued guest, and to serve your health care needs excellently with every professional resource we have developed. Be assured there is no question too simple. We are here to help you and make your first visit easy and comfortable. WSBC cases are covered on a Lump Sum payment plan where the patient has no out of pocket expenses for 8 weeks. ICBC cases have treatment payment options including a Lump Sum Payment option where the patient has no out of pocket expenses for up to 14 weeks. Medical referrals are not required to see a chiropractor. 

The new patient intake form can be printed out and filled out prior to your first visit to save some time, however if this is not practical it can easily be done at the office.

A thorough interview and examination is the important first step to arrive at a clinical opinion and working diagnosis. This is the important foundation for excellent care and we take the time to get it right. The consultation and informed consent process occur right away at the first visit, usually followed by your first treatment. It is important that you understand what is wrong and what is going to happen. Sometimes all or part of treatment should wait until imaging and x-ray records are requisitioned or new x-rays are done. Also rarely, physical signs contraindicate some or all chiropractic treatment options requiring referral to other professionals. All these factors will be discussed at the 1st visit.

The initial chiropractic examination involves range of motion tests, assessment of individual spinal and pelvic joint motions and a series of orthopedic and neurological tests focused on the patient’s needs. Some examinations are tailored to specific peripheral joints (e.g. shoulder injury.) Dr. Abraham’s chiropractic assessment methods are based on manual examination procedures for joints, muscles, and nerves, gathering of recent existing imaging records and reports, and new imaging recommendations as needed. For patients under age 55 x-rays are recommended at a lesser frequency than patients over 55 due to questions including degenerative changes associated with aging. Computerized Gait Scanning technology is used for foot examinations providing detailed data about gait movement.

The usual spinal treatment involves some preparatory myofascial (muscle release) followed by manual “hands on” joint mobilizations and or manipulations. This procedure is called an adjustment in the chiropractic profession. It is simply a gentle quick movement of a joint(s) from a restricted position towards a normal movement position. Usually there is no pain or minimal discomfort with adjustments, and sometimes there is an audible pop in the joints. This is a normal physiological joint sound. Alternate joint mobilizations using table assisted and instrument assisted techniques are available on an as-needed basis. For example, care of an elderly person requires a much more soft tissue approach using gentle muscle release and light mobilizations with less quick manual motions. Every patient’s needs and preferences are respected. Sometimes passive and active myofascial techniques or laser therapy are the primary technique, however the treatment that sets chiropractic apart is the training and skill associated with the proven and effective chiropractic adjustment. In chiropractic it is understood and emphasized that life and wellness are movement dependent, the spine being the hub of movement and nerve function.

At the second visit involves some discussion answering the question “How do chiropractic adjustments work?”, and questions regarding pain focused care, corrective exercises and lifestyle modifications and higher levels of proactive preventive care options. There is a difference between getting relief of pain and real change long term.

What should I wear for treatment?

Appropriate attire is recommended for all visits. For female patients two piece outfits (e.g. sweat pants and T-shirts) facilitate care of the mid back and shoulders. Gym shorts are ideal when treatment is needed for the lower extremity. Hospital gowns and shorts are available on an as needed basis.


As a home based office parking is provided on the extra-large driveway. We do not over book on any given hours so there is usually convenient and adequate parking. Legal street parking should rarely be needed. The clinic entry is located at the right side of the building adjacent to the office signage at the southeast corner of the building.

Treatment Options

At the second visit chiropractic concepts will be discussed, as well as treatment options with respect to the initial complaint. Your questions will be answered! (The options noted below are most specific to the most common chiropractic patient suffering mechanical neck pain, mid back pain, or low back pain.)

Relief Care

Most commonly for mechanical back pain conditions, relief can often be achieved within 1-6 visits. However sometimes relief care takes 2-4 weeks at 2 or more visits per week. Some conditions require many weeks of recovery. The natural tension for patients is to stop care when pain is gone or lessened rather than continuing with corrective care and exercises. Your choice will always be respected, however good care really requires a more proactive treatment plan.

Corrective Care

Making long term changes requires ongoing chiropractic care, lifestyle changes, and corrective exercises past the point of pain relief. Moving better on a continuous basis over time can actually change the physical structure of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and even bones. Corrective care differs for each individual depending on age, chronicity of symptoms and response to early care but usually should occur at least once weekly until spinal function and posture improve. 

Wellness Care

In chiropractic it is understood that spinal dysfunctions (stiff joints) really are something we all have to some degree, driven by a number of factors – especially lifestyle issues. Ideally then, chiropractic adjustments are not just for pain but should be done regularly. At our office perhaps 20% of our typical day will be for patients who see us regularly every 1-4 weeks or so. This is a good choice to consider as spinal movement influences general health.

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