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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is one of the largest primary contact professions in North America with the most dedicated training for the delivery of the chiropractic adjustment (joint manipulation). Over 4 million Canadians seek chiropractic care each year. While the science of manipulation is understood and learned through intensive training, the art of manipulation is best discovered by those who adjust joints full time.

Dr. Abraham offers primarily manual chiropractic adjustments (manipulation) and instrument assisted and manual mobilization techniques for spinal and peripheral joints. Manipulation styles are tailored to the patient’s age, condition and preferences and are often preceded by myofascial (muscle) release procedures. The chiropractic adjustment (manipulation) is safe and generally comfortable to receive. Adjustments work so well primarily due to the sensory (proprioceptive) changes elicited by the manipulation. This increase in joint function helps reduce pain and increase healing rates. Together with prescribed corrective exercise this care helps restore joint function over time.

Simply stated, Chiropractic care works to relieve pain and improve function for your low back pain, neck pain & headaches, motor vehicle crash and work injuries, sports and work strains, and peripheral joint pains. Whether you are a performance athlete, body builder, or are just struggling with aging and arthritis chiropractic can help you get moving again. After a thorough assessment Dr. Abraham will discuss care plan choices designed to take you from pain relief to increasing wellness. Please access New Patient Centre on this site for information about your first visit and treatment options.






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