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The Orthotic Group

Custom Orthotics and More
Dr. Abraham has been providing custom orthotic service with The Orthotic Group products and services for over 15 years. The Orthotic Group, based in the greater Toronto area provides excellent educational resources technical support to the clinician with a mutual goal to provide the best orthotic available anywhere to each patient.

Simply stated, many of us need orthotic support not only for various foot and ankle pains but for support and correction right up through the musculoskeletal system. Do you have achy feet, ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, patello-femoral syndrome, heel spurs, achilles tendinitis, metatarsalgia, or knee -hip - low back pain? Orthotics might be just what you need!

When it comes to assessment chiropractic training does bring an advantage because of the appreciation of the whole human movement chain. Consequently, Dr. Abraham does a chiropractic assessment in tandem with the computerized Gaitscan analysis and foot examination prior to making recommendations for orthotic support. Not all computerized foot scans are created equally. The Orthotic Group Gaitscan provides truly dynamic 2D and 3D information about the foot in all positions from heel strike to toe off. Dr. Abraham also does manual foam casting in the neutral position bring data from two assessment methods together before production. The result is the right custom orthotic for you.





What is the Cost?

Dr. Abraham charges $450.00 for the first pair of orthotics and $120.00 for the second pair (at the time of the initial purchase or within 3 months). Most extended plans reimburse for orthotics and all the documentation your plan requires is provided. We recommend that patients check the details of their extended plans prior to ordering orthotics.

The Orthotic Group

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